Our learning packages help small business owners gain the competitive edge with good risk management, and keep some of the UK's largest employers on top of cultural change within their workforce.

Our training is designed to give your organisation the skills to shape its own future. By empowering your workforce with the knowledge and tools to successfully manage and control risk, you will be investing in those that matter most, and those that will enable your organisation to stay a healthy and productive place to be.


We deliver a fun, first class experience, whether it’s a two hour refresher course for your organisations' key safety messages or specific topics such as:





  • Manual Handling

  • Ergonomics

  • Risk Assessment

  • Permit to Work

  • Office Safety

  • Directors toolkits

  • Behavioural safety

  • Fire Marshals/Fire Safety

  • DSE/VDU Assessment

  • Home/Remote Assessment

  • Accident Investigation

  • CDM

  • Contractor Safety

  • Employee Safety Reps

Don’t see what you’re looking for?


We can develop a course that fits your requirements. We can design bespoke courses or training programmes that fit perfectly into your strategy, incorporating your business' core values with your branding, in your style.


Not sure what your training strategy is? We can help with that too, check out our Consult pages.