Here at AMHS we pride ourselves on our on our ability to offer a wide variety of support to a wide variety of clientele. Our aim is to give our clients the tools to manage their own Health and Safety in their own way, whilst always being there to support them as they grow and flourish.

A helping hand

If you are unsure of what you need to do, how you need to do it or how you'll know when you have, then we can help.


AMHS have a long standing history of providing sound and proportionate risk management advice. 


Want to be more self sufficient? Let us help you get there.

To give you a taste of what we do here's some of our popular requests:
  • Measuring your safety or environmental culture,

  • Helping you meet qualification for national assessment,

  • Assisting you in response to an incident,

  • Safety management system and policy review and creation,

  • Providing expert witness work in court,

  • Public speaking, both domestic and foreign events,

  • Measuring your safety performance by auditing,

  • Conducting workplace surveys,

  • CDM site spot audits.

We also offer a wide variety of specialist assessments:
  • Risk assessments,

  • Fire risk assessments,

  • Workplace ergonomic assessments,

  • Display screen equipment assessments,

  • Return to work assessments,

  • COSHH assessments,

  • Manual Handling assessments,

  • Wellbeing assessments.