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Musculoskeletal injuries: behind the microscope

Published in SHP Magazine March 2014 and The Ergonomist July 2014


At its heart, health and safety is about the prevention of pain and suffering. AMHS Ltd's Sam Alexander and UCB's Chris Lea discuss why laboratory-based scientists should be concerned with the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries just as much as chemical and biological hazards.


One of the main health and safety challenges faced by scientists working in laboratories is the long standing issue of ergonomics; laboratory activities are almost entirely designed to be process-centred as opposed to user-centred. The difference with this type of environment and many others is that the design of equipment is commonly up to 30-40 years old. A microscope is perhaps the best example of this; designed for accuracy and scientific validity, it has advanced considerably since its origin. However, user comfort and adjustability has lagged behind...

Reviews for Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the official journal for the Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors [IEHF]. AMHS Ltd's Director, Sam Alexander makes regular contributions for practitioners, providing guidance and support on new publications and resources.


All reviews are available online permanently for subscribers and licensed institutions throughout the world, including online access through developing world initiatives.


Volume 59, 2015 - Constructive Ergonomics 


Volume 58, 2015 - The Gameful World: approaches, issues, applications


 Volume 57, 2014 - Talking Safety: A User’s Guide to World Class Safety Conversation 



As well as providing free bite size seminars across the UK in 2014, the team at AMHS Ltd were invited as guest speakers at;


  • The Scientific Archivist Annual Conference - Nice

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