Heart of stone?

So here is February, the month of lovers, romance and bank busting shows of ostentatious affection.

Many associate this celebration with Cupid (the cute, if not vicious little so and so), he is often the central character of Valentine’s Day paraphernalia, shooting unsuspecting folk with his arrows of destiny.

Whether you partake, condone or subscribe to such a celebration is up to you, perhaps you are apathetic to the whole thing, and apathy is where I'd like to sharpen the focus this month.

January is universally acknowledged as a tough month, a month of gloom for the masses we are told, so most managers would hardly bat an eye if some of their workforce were less than chipper in the first month of the year.

'Dave is looking a bit glum, don't fuss it's the January Blues!'

But now it's February and Dave is still looking glum, he's had a few days off too, hmm, winter sickness, there's alot of it about......

'Dave's a bit irritable now, well, it's Valentines and he's single right? just ignore him'

'.... oh, did you hear about Dave? off with depression, doesn't look like he's coming back either.'

There can of course, be plenty of reasons for employees to be less than enthused about life, and it's unfair to expect managers to be counsellors, but some careful monitoring and a little tenderness can go a long way in the earlier stages of a developing stress problem or when a skilled and valuable employee is finding their mental health difficult to manage.

The first step is raising awareness for your managers, ask yourself these following questions;

  • How well do they know the signs of stress or mental health problems?

  • Would they even recognise them in themselves?

  • Do employees have access to confidential and professional advice either by telephone or face to face?

  • Is your company stress policy clear and well communicated to employees and managers alike?

Have a heart, not a heart of stone, start managing your mental health and stress policies this month.

Need some help with that? drop us a line and have a heart to heart.

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